What is Shot Blasting?

Armor Shield utilizes multiple BLASTRAC GPXH018 Ride-on Shot Blasters, BW Manufacturing SB-6 Portable Shot Blasters and BLASTRAC 8-DEZ Electric Portable Shot Blasters for DUSTLESS concrete preparation projects and services.  BLASTRAC Shot Blast Systems utilize steel shot (propelled by metal blades) as the preferred method for concrete surface preparation (etch) by professional concrete restoration/coating contractors and recommended by Resinous Coating Manufacturers to warrant Adhesion.

STEEL SHOT (grades S-330, S-390 and S-460) blast concrete at high velocity removing various laitances, adhesives, etc.

DUSTLESS concrete preparation is achieved by utilizing and enclosed self-contained vacuum housing, HEPA Filteration, alternating cammed pneumatic pulse systems eliminating hazardous chemicals/acids.

ETCH – Surface profile must be a minimum CSP-4 – CSP-5 profile according to the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Guideline # 03732, etch must be mechanical – not chemical and must be 100% dry preparation.