Applications Testing

For coating thickness measurement on Masonry Substrates - Concrete, the POSITECTOR 100 MODEL C guage has pre-programmed substrate and coating selections minimizing calibration.
  • Discerns individual layers of coatins dependent on acoustic properties of adjacent coating layers.

The Coating Thickness of Armor Shield Floor Systems are verified with the DEFELSKO POSITECTOR 100 MODEL C - Thick Coating, Portable, Ultrasonic, Non-destructive, Dry Film Thickness gauge measures single or multiple layer coating thickness on a non-metallic surface/substrate.
  • Range 2 - 175 mils DFT.
  • Complies w/ ASTM-D 6132-97.
Armor Shield's coating thickness experience guarantees tme DFT (Dry Film Thickness) in all of its Epoxy/Quartz Floor Systems.

Thickness Range:
  • 1/16" Single Broadcast Quartz/Epoxy Systems
  • 1/8" Double Broadcast Quartz/Epoxy Systems
  • 3/16" Flexible Water-Proof membrane Broadcast Quartz/Epoxy Systems.