Novolac MASTERSHIELD NEC is used to coat concrete masonry or steel providing unparalleled chemical protection for primary and secondary containment, solvent storage, pump pads, trenches and other High Exposure Areas in chemical, power and water treat-ment facilities. MASTERSHIELD NEC provides thermal protection around processing equipment, wash-down areas and fryers/cookers/ovens.

  • 100% Epoxy for Harsh Chemical Environments:
    • Strong Acids – Sulphuric 98%
    • Caustic Exposures
  • Thermal Protection:
    • 275 degree (spills) or 350 degree (dry heat)
  • Will Cure in Cool Damp Conditions.
  • 100% NON-Volatile and Odorless.
  • USDA Approved in federally inspected meat & poultry plants.
Anti-Slip Finish MASTERSHIELD CRF-LS provides a slip-resistant textured finish that is easy to clean and difficult to mar or scratch.  CRF-LS is a 3-part, 100% Solids, clear, chemical-resistant, ANTI-SLIP, thixotropic, light-stabilized, light-dissipating (satin) Epoxy Finish.
  • Slip Resistant (slip index > 8.0)
  • Solventless – compared to Aliphatic Urethanes without the V.O.C.’s!